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The Heart

Over the many years of living from my heart, mind and emotions, I have experienced how living from my heart can be joyful and genuine. And so I feel inspired to continue do so.


Coming from the heart sounds confusing. After all, what does that mean? How is it any different from who and how we are day to day? In this article, when I refer to the heart, I am not referring to the physical heart located to the left side of our chest. I am referring to the heart chakra, which we can feel in the center of our chest. 


One simple way to experience this is as follows. Sit down somewhere comfortable (not lying down). If sitting on a chair then place the soles of your feet flat on the floor. Keep your spine upright yet relaxed. Place the palm of your left hand on the center of your chest, and breathe regularly while you bring your awareness to this area. Do that for 5 to 10 minutes, allowing any thoughts to slip away so your focus is on how this feels. How does it feel? Write it down. This is where your sense of self, your sense of identity, and your connection to the feelings and knowing of your heart reside. 


When we come from our emotions, we usually feel it in our sacral area, around and just below our navel. When we are mentally focused, the energy is concentrated in our solar plexus, the area below our chest. And when we come from our heart the source is felt in the center of our chest. So why focus on coming from your heart? What makes it more significant? 


Our emotions can change depending on our moods. We hold our beliefs in this area. Our thoughts can also change depending on our mindsets and attitudes. Our heart is where we experience a sense of love and acceptance, balance and harmony. It’s where who we are, what we know intuitively, and our sense of purpose, come together. And connect to our inner knowing and build a bridge with the outer world through there. When we consciously and regularly practice aligning with our heart, that connection brings our mind and emotions into balance.


I have found that when I live through my emotions,  going through life’s ups and downs, it can feel very turbulent. Like a feather being moved by the winds of life, without any sense of an anchor. When I live by my thoughts and mental attitudes, I find it more anchoring. However, I find myself limited by my knowledge, conditions and judgements that I place on myself or my environment and circumstances. 


When I live through the sense of self of my heart, trusting how I feel and what I know in the moment, I am more at peace and able to be more of who I am without pressure to meet certain expectations or live by comparison. I am more of who I am, not what I see others doing that I compare myself to. And I am more anchored in the confidence and inspiration that comes from feeling whole. 


There is more to experiencing living from the heart. I have simply shared some of my own insights. I find it worthwhile. My challenge to you this month is to experience living from your heart. Don’t make it a challenge, as much as an experiment and an exploration of who you are when you live through your heart. Write down what you experience and know the difference. 


If you would like to live more from your heart and would like to have a conversation about it to assist you, please contact me through the following link. I offer these conversations to help you navigate and find clarity in your life. And I use intuitive processes and exercises to help you find your answers.


Soothing Soul


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