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1:1 Insights

Insights Conversations are where we can talk in a safe space and discuss whatever you wish to find answers for, in a relaxed energy.

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We often find ourselves confused, muddled or stuck in some area of our lives. We don’t plan to be and yet some things are too close to our chests to find it easy to be objective. 


At other times we face new opportunities or decisions to be made, and talking to someone opens the door to being clearer, which then makes it easier to move forward.


I offer a safe space to have a conversation with my clients where they can be themselves, open up, and feel comfortable to discuss where they might find themselves stuck or simply need someone to listen to them and have a constructive dialogue, or discuss an opportunity they are not sure about.


We are not trying to get somewhere. We are simply discussing what is possible and through the conversation perhaps gain insights.


I have various connective tools that I use as aids if these are needed to help arrive at a deeper understanding intuitively.

We meet online through Zoom.

SGD360 per Session*

* 1 SGD = 0.74 USD

What People Say

"My work and my vision has definitely taken a turn towards joy and contentment whilst working with Haresh."

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