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Hi! My name is Haresh Manglani. Welcome.


On this site you will find information about my Mentoring and Energy Healing Practice, geared towards facilitating self-awareness and well-being. You will also find insights I like to share from time to time on my blog.


I am a Mentor and a BodyTalk Practitioner. I focus on helping others through an Archetypes Mentoring program, Conversations and Energy Healing. The “I Am…” Mentoring Program is focussed on 4 areas of our daily lives - Self, Value, Relationships and Purpose.


I mentor my clients to build their self acceptance and confidence through seeing themselves more clearly on the inside. I take them through a process where we dig for the gold inside together, see it without judgement and transform it into an opportunity.


"I Am..." Mentoring is a connective program that makes it possible. Its purpose is to lead to a more joyful and rewarding sense of self. The energy healing is about finding inner balance and aligning our body, thoughts and emotions so we feel whole. The conversations focus on listening to you and seeing connectively how we can find answers and gain clarity.


I work with my clients through Zoom or similar software, so where ever you are located, we can work together. I am available to have a chat if you feel what I offer is something for you and if you would like to ask any questions or learn more. Please write to me on to take that first step.  

What I Offer

"I Am..."
Archetypes Mentoring Program

 This Program offers the opportunity to understand you better in the areas of Self, Value, Relationships and Purpose. It is designed to help you step forward where you find yourself challenged and help integrate all aspects of self.

1:1 Insights

I facilitate your deeper understanding and self-awareness of whatever you wish to discuss in a relaxed energy. We focus on insight, peace and balance.


This is about removing energy blocks and enhancing wellness. I use various intuitive tools including BodyTalk and Hands-On Healing.

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"Lighting up the World,

One Person at a Time..."

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