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BodyTalk is about WholeHealthCare. It's about healing at a very deep level that integrates body, mind and inner awareness without much fuss or challenge. 

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Great For

Energy Healing is as effective on children as it is on adults, right from pre-natal care onwards...

I am a certified BodyTalk practitioner, under the International BodyTalk Association, which developed this modality.

The BodyTalk Practitioner takes you through a energic healing process that is non-invasive, easy and allows you to relax. By the end of it you may begin to experience shifts and changes that can bring a paradigm shift in your health at all levels - physical, emotional and mental.

Whether you are suffering from a chronic ailment or feeling out of tune with you or your environment, BodyTalk can help. There are 5 areas where it might assist:

  • Inner Balance

This can cover any area of the body - our muscles, organs and glands right down to the cellular level.

  • Physiological Energies

These include the functioning of different systems within the body (Digestion, Breathing, Circulation, etc), our Chakras and Meridians.

  • Emotional and Mental Energies

Our feelings, thoughts and beliefs have a profound impact on our health.  Our perception of our past experiences and our desires and expectations for the future affect our health significantly.

  • Environmental Influences

Our environment - whether at home, our schools/universities, the work place or our social groups - all affect our well-being.  

  • Inner Awareness

There is one Life Principle, One Consciousness that enables each one of us to be aware of and witness life as it unfolds around us.  We call It by different names, and attempt to understand it through different paths - scientific, religious or philosophical.  Our relationship with this Consciousness, however we choose to approach it, has a deep influence on our sense of well being.  

More often than not, persistent health issues of any nature tend to arise from an imbalance within one or more of the above mentioned areas, and healing involves aligning them to be effective. We are much more than our Body, Mind or Spirit- we are greater than the sum total of all of these put together. 



Sessions may be conducted in person or at a distance. A distance session is where a BodyTalk session can be done without the need for a client to be physically present, with details explained to the client through Zoom.  These are suitable for overseas clients or local clients who are travelling.

Results vary from individual to individual. Energy Healing sessions are not a substitute for medical treatment or medications. The Practitioner does not diagnose illness or disease nor does the Practitioner prescribe medications.

SGD360 per Session*

* 1 SGD = 0.74 USD

What People Say

" The incredible thing about BodyTalk is how quick and painless it is whilst being so transformative.  "

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