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In my experience, Acceptance comes through the heart. It arrives when we are in acceptance of ourselves and the situation we are in without blame or judgement. We don’t have to like the situation. Since life is about growth and discovery, it is an opportunity to grow in our ability and awareness of what is possible for our self and as part of the whole.

I feel we struggle with acceptance because we feel everything has to be our way and we keep sending that same message to our emotional and mental attitudes over and over and so we never let go of control. And as a consequence we find our self in conflict within and with others.

We have been having a lot of turmoil globally. One of the factors behind it is people can’t agree with each other. And one reason is that when there is change, we keep focusing on the past instead of embracing the present. Our attitudes remain the same and we don’t reevaluate based on our present circumstances.

When we deny or fight change and hold onto what is familiar and comfortable, it can give rise to conflict. Change can be uncomfortable and yet it is welcome. Because without it we would all be frozen in time and in space, and not open to experiencing new degrees and levels of growth and awareness that is possible for us all.

I find it easier to see change as the passing clouds. You start somewhere. Along the way you gather momentum. Perhaps knock into another cloud or merge with one. By the time you reach your destination, you have completed a cycle. You might disperse or simply release all the moisture you are carrying, thus helping those around you. However, your job is done.

This is similar to acceptance. You start out living life a particular way. You don’t expect any major shifts because the idea of it makes you uncomfortable, especially because you can’t control it. You knock into some circumstances or you merge with others, and before you know it, you arrive at your purpose, whatever it might be. You might not even know what it is consciously until it is staring you in the face. However, you are richer for the journey. In experience and awareness. To start to fulfill your purpose consciously.

We try hard to resist change. Me too! And here I am writing about it.

So if you find yourself struggling with being in acceptance, Sit down in a calm and quiet space for a few minutes, take a few breaths, put your left palm on the center of your chest (where you feel your heart space), close your eyes, and ask for a solution. You could Ask, “What within this situation or circumstance makes me uncomfortable? How can I see it for the highest good? What would that feel like and look like? What action can I take now that aligns with it?”. Feel yourself making that choice and feeling how it feels. Listen and write down exactly what you hear or feel or sense. That’s your heart speaking to you. It might help. Don’t argue with what you hear, Flow with it.

Our journey is meant to enrich us. If we can learn to accept we are part of a bigger plan, and our piece is a part of the whole, a cog in the Divine Wheel as it were, we might find some peace and solace in that. And acknowledging it gives us the strength to find acceptance because we are no longer in the space of feeling limited, aimless or lost. Each of us has a purpose. Even if we don’t know where we are headed, we have a Soul we can turn to and Ask for help and guidance along the way.

Acceptance is easier when we are collaborating and have a common sense of purpose and joy. It makes the journey more fun. And we support one another. Life will evolve and we are in it for the ride and the learning. Might as well make the best of it by enjoying it.


Soothing Soul


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