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Embracing Change

When we experience change, it requires letting go of the old energy and letting in the new energy into our lives. And we go through a period of transition when that happens. Not all change is uncomfortable. However, more often than not, making the adjustments that are needed require patience and a genuine willingness to be able to adapt wholeheartedly. 


I don’t invite change into my life. I don’t like packing my bags because I get attached to my current environment. And I don’t enjoy unpacking because I am uncertain when I am in my new environment. However, when I find myself feeling it is time for a change, and I hold on to what I know for dear life because I am afraid of losing it, I find myself becoming more and more bored where I am. 


Change is a necessary part of evolution. It allows us to evolve in our journey of self discovery and exploring what is possible for us. The more we resist it, the more it is inevitable because we are creating a stronger force around it. When we flow with it, it makes the transition easier. 


I enjoy becoming more of who I am. However, I can’t be in a constant state of flux. Change comes when we have completed a cycle of growth in any area and its time to move to the next level of awareness and understanding of what is possible for us. Until then, we can enjoy the stability of being in one cycle of growth brings until it is over. Its like the seasons. You plant the seeds in spring, enjoy the growth in summer, reap the harvest in the fall and let the land lie fallow in the winter so it can recharge. Change comes when we have reached the winter of a cycle in any area of our lives. It is not instantly obvious that it is time for change. Especially when its sudden and uninvited. Yet, its an opportunity to bring in new gifts and strengths if we are open to whats being offered. 


So here is a challenge for February. Look back in your life to 2 periods when you experienced change. Do you find that you benefited from those changes in hindsight? What gifts and opportunities presented themselves and did you embrace them? Because if you can review these, you might see the opportunity that is presenting itself in your life now. 


I offer Conversation sessions and Mentoring to assist clients in going through change and helping them see how they can help themselves with support and confidence. If you feel you need someone to listen or share what you are going through with, and with whom you can explore what is possible for you, we can do it together. I work with my clients through Zoom so you can connect from anywhere. Please click on the following link to make a booking:


Soothing Soul


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