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Renewal & Intent

Happy New Year!


We are at the beginning of a new year, and this is a good time to set an intent for it.


When setting an intent, it is good to be clear. It could be for example, increasing your income by 7%. Something simple, clear and measurable.


In which case you could look at what impact that would have on your lifestyle. And journal that. So what more would you be able to do or purchase with that amount? How would that feel? Would it be enough to make you comfortable?  When we write out what it would be and feel like achieving the intent and what it would do for us, we give energy to the intent to manifest. You might be able to add one more activity to your list of things you enjoy doing, or buy more of the kind of food you like, or have a bit more to pay off a loan which reduces pressure, or send your child to a better school. Or put more savings aside. Journal.


The next thing to do is ask yourself, how committed are you to manifesting that intent? If the opportunity came your way to do more, like an extra job or additional hours at your current job for that extra income, would you say Yes? What are your boundaries? Where can you be more open to manifesting it. Feel it and know it within yourself. What are you willing to give up and what are you willing to take on or commit to? This is not about sacrifice or paying a price. Not at all. There is more than enough abundance and opportunity. Its about your willingness to align with the energy and find a new balance. The more willing you are, the more is possible for you to manifest.


After that, close your eyes, put your left hand on your heart center, and Ask “Does this intent align with my heart and Soul?” Listen intently, write down what you sense or hear, and follow your intuition and guidance. Trust it.


Look at what series of steps you can take to manifest the intent. It starts with a step to begin with that you gradually build upon.


Do a regular review, say every 2 weeks or once a month, say by the 25th of the month, and monitor your progress. How did you get a along. Where did the step or steps you take lead you? What signs or opportunities showed up that you saw or might have shown up that you see in hindsight? What would you do differently in light of your review. What new or additional steps you might take in the coming period? Would you change anything? After that it’s always a good idea to close your eyes, put your left hand on your heart center, and Ask to be shown by your heart and Soul what do you need to see or understand about your progress with manifesting your intent. Listen intently, write down what you sense or hear, and follow it. Keep a journal just for your intent and reviews.


Have a go with the above over the next 12 months to see where it takes you. Treat it as an adventure and exploration of your self and where that can lead. Be open to what could occur. And have fun with it.


Feel free to write to me at about your experience. I would love hear how you get on.

Soothing Soul


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