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"I Am..." Archetypes

This program offers individuals the opportunity to understand themselves at different levels through the archetypes to help them step forward into their full potential. It has been developed by Helen Barton.

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Great For

  • Men and women who have stable careers and lifestyles and want to find out more about themselves.

  • Parents looking to find what is next once their children have gone into higher education.

  • People who are transitioning into university or the workforce.

We feel the greatest success, joy and fulfillment from being ourselves. Yet it is not always clear to see or understand how to fully be ourselves, or what the next step of our life in some area is, or how to pursue it. We hear different voices within us about our joy, our sense of value, our relationships, our purpose. These do not always align. It is different for each person, and no two people are the same.

This mentoring program provides a clear, systematic and connective process to gain Insights into what makes us who we are in all the major areas of our lives - Self, Value/Money, Relationships, Purpose. 

Whether you are a student, homemaker, self employed or an executive - and whatever stage of life you are at - this program offers an opportunity to be clearer about who you are.

There is gold inside each of us. We need to dig deep enough to find it. When we find it we can turn it into an opportunity to enhance ourselves if we know how. The archetypes mentoring provides a path to do so. It takes you past limitations you might believe you have and brings your focus to your gifts and how to use them.


The program is available in 4 consecutive packages. Each one builds on the other and is complete in itself.


My Self

This set of conversations and exercises is about introducing you to your Archetypes. We go through a questionnaire which gives a character and personality to each of your different aspects – Emotions, Thoughts and how you appear to others. We then start to develop a more intimate connection with each of these aspects.

7 Sessions    •    SGD2,500*


My Value

Here we begin to closely explore how you see your value. Our beliefs are the foundation of our value and that in turn influences our financial focus. 

5 Sessions    •    SGD1,800*


My Relationships

Once you feel and accept a closer connection with your value, we explore how you share that with others through your relationships and how you can understand others better.

5 Sessions    •    SGD1,800*


My Purpose

We all have a purpose, whether we are consciously aware of it or not. Our purpose influences how we see ourselves, our value and our relationships, as well as the choices we make about our career and lifestyle, and in those pivotal moments of life we all face. It is our guiding light and motivation. This set of conversations is about focusing more deeply on how we can use our inner awareness and connective understanding as a daily practice to consciously align with our purpose.

5 Sessions    •    SGD1,800*

* 1 SGD = 0.74 USD

Where do I begin?

We start with My Self and once that is completed, you can decide whether you would like to move on to working with the next area.

If you feel this program could be for you, please book a 15-minute free consultation by clicking 'Book a Session' on the menu bar.

What People Say

"The Mentoring has helped me to be more centred. It has helped me to be more light-hearted"

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