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Our Childhood...

Our unhappy childhood memories are not meant to be let go of. They are meant to be integrated. A lot of people want to get rid of their past without seeing it is a part of who they are. That there might be a gift in it for us.

We often experience different childhoods to others and compare ourselves. But that doesn’t really help because we land up feeling we have lost out. And because of that we start to withdraw from everybody and start to feel unhappy.

However, if we look at each person’s childhood, usually there is gold to be found there. For example, when I was growing up I used to feel I lost out because we moved home and country and I did not feel grounded when we moved. However, as we moved I learned not to be too attached because life takes you through change and sometimes you have to let go in order to move on and bring in the new. Whereas the opportunity for someone who has lived their whole life in one place might be to learn how to commit, for example.

So it is not about comparison or blaming those who raised us. It is about understanding we chose that environment and experience before we incarnated in this life to gain something for our journey and purpose, even if that’s not yet clear.


Soothing Soul


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