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Integrity & Ethics

The dictionary definitions of integrity are “the state of being whole and undivided” and “the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles”. The definition of ethics is “moral principles that govern a person's behavior”.


The way I see it, when we are in a state of being whole and undivided, we have the quality of being honest and have strong moral principles called ethics, which govern our behaviour. So ethics are the outward expression of the integrity within ourselves. And when we have ethics that we can all agree upon and that allow everybody to live and thrive as a community, then all is well.  


So how do we find that integrity within ourselves? 


We all are a combination of our physical body, our emotions and beliefs, our ideas and mindsets, and our heart’s knowing and intuition. Together these make up our personality. Through our heart we can also choose to experience our Soul connection, our Soul being our guide to our life’s purpose and conduit to our Higher Self, the essence of our Divinity. 


When we are not in integrity, it is because one or more aspects of our personality are in conflict and cannot agree upon something. For example, let’s say I wish to marry someone who I feel I am in love with and I wish to spend the rest of my life with. My heart feels this way. However, my parents or someone I am close with might not approve of my partner. Perhaps because they have a belief based on their upbringing that says, it is wrong to marry someone from a different ethnicity, or someone who follows a different religion, or does not share a similar financial status, or has been married previously. Whatever the case, I might feel conflicted because I love my parents, have been raised to believe I must obey whatever they say and therefore marrying my beloved will lead to disappointing them or being a bad son, which I find emotionally uncomfortable or downright unacceptable. 


At that point, I am still in integrity, because I have not yet made a choice. When I do make the choice, where does my decision come from? Does it come from my heart and intuition? Or does it come from my emotions? If I listen to my heart, then I am in integrity. If I follow my emotions, then I am not. Because when I follow my heart I am allowing the higher frequency in me to guide my decision. Whereas if I choose to follow my emotions, then I am giving into the lower frequency. And if I choose to follow my heart this time, following it the next time will be that little bit easier. And if I choose to follow my emotions, I might be swayed a little bit more to do the same the next time. The energy of our choices build upon each other. 


There is no right or wrong in this. There is, however, the outcome of those choices, and where they lead us. To joy, or to more of the going around in circles of inner discordance before we come back to seeing we actually want the joy.  


Being in integrity requires self honesty, practicing being in a state of balance and self acceptance, and choosing to keep the kind of company that supports and encourages the same energy all around. 


I offer mentoring conversations to my clients to find insights and self-understanding that bring about personal growth. And support being in balance and integrity. 


I also guide a monthly meditation group and a monthly conversation group. These bring a sense of balance and harmony within, and create conversations where we can share our feelings and insights with each other in this energy. And creates a feeling of community.


Please browse my website under “What I offer” and “Monthly Groups” to learn more. 

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