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How to Heal?

Once we acknowledge where we are at, we need to first accept that it takes time to understand who we are and why we behave as we do. However, there is also the illusion that we can heal ourselves without needing to dig deep. Not all healing requires digging deep. A good portion does. And it doesn’t need to be painful. It does require honesty. Which means we can’t keep our masks on. We need to take them off. And it helps to be open to what is possible for us if we let go.

It's about taking stock of our journey and not just through our minds, but in our hearts. We are the best source of assistance to ourselves. Especially when we listen to the still voice within us. And if we need help, our knowing will prompt us and guide us to where we need to find it.

If you feel you would like to gain more insight or clarity about self acceptance please contact me to book a Conversation Session at Or, make a booking request here.


Soothing Soul


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