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Healing Through Self Acceptance

Life can be full of challenging and difficult experiences in certain periods. During such times we tend to adjust and cope to the extent we are aware of how to. And we might regret certain things we have done or blame others for certain things we experienced when we felt we did not have a choice.

This month I am looking at how we can be joyful. And the first place I feel to start is by accepting who we are, without setting any conditions.

For example, if I find I have not achieved something I set out to, am I willing to accept myself? If I find somebody succeeded where I have not, am I willing to accept myself?

If I discover that a friend showed more favour to another over me, or a spouse cheated on me, am I willing to accept myself? It's not about whether I am willing to, but about do I want to? Because I have a choice. The alternative is to be angry and bitter, or in constant self doubt. If I choose to accept myself of course there will be some introspection needed. For example, I might find myself asking, “What went wrong? Why did things turn out this way? Could I have prevented it? Did I do enough?” However, ultimately, self acceptance will be needed to heal the heart.

Something to ponder.

Check out my blog next week when I'll be talking about What is Self Acceptance?

If you feel you would like to gain more insight or clarity about self acceptance please contact me to book a Conversation Session at Or, make a booking request here.


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