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All is Well

The Universe is always in motion. It's not going to stand still. And it's never going to stop. We are similar. Throughout our life we are in motion. Even when we rest we are integrating. It's like the four seasons where we go through the cycle of planting, growth, harvest and rest. Our lives are like the seasons and elements. Each period has its purpose.

So as it is we have so much happening. How about we accept all is well, and that in and through it we always have a choice. Our choices lead to outcomes. But they don’t all necessarily lead to the outcome we want. That does not mean all is not well. It simply means we have to make a different choice to experience a different outcome. It's not the end. It's a process. That's also part of knowing self acceptance.

Check out my blog next week when I'll be talking about How to Heal?

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Soothing Soul


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