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Our Foundation and Values

What foundation do we need to build for the coming period? Is it a solid foundation? What are the values it will be based upon?

For example - generosity of spirit, willingness to share, a concern for others.

Because these are the kind of values that can allow us to thrive as a community.

A builder needs a blueprint to work with. Values are an essential part of it. Without value we don’t feel confident in ourselves or our unity. Without values we don’t have a foundation.

I am suggesting to take this month to look at your values and how you understand them. As these will help you build a more solid foundation for the future.

If you go back and look at your values up until now, what are the values that have defined your success? Where have other people’s values challenged you? Do you feel you have your own set of values or do you use what others show? Have you learned your values from your childhood? Do you listen to what your heart values? And follow it?

Values can help us understand our contribution to the bigger picture. Values allow us to feel more whole in ourselves. We don’t quite know who we are without them.

So if you have the time to do it, here is an exercise that could help. Take a blank piece of paper and create 3 columns. On the first column make a list of your values. In the second column, next to each value write how you came about it or why do you choose to have it, and then in the third column you can write if you wish to keep it. This will give you a clearer sense of who you are and your beliefs.

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