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Counting Our Blessings

This month I would like to focus on counting our blessings.

We often find ourselves going into a negative spiral. It starts with one thing not going as planned, and then another, and after that we start to feel we are losing control and everything is going “wrong” or we are having “bad luck” or its someone else’s fault – they did not do what we asked or expected. It can even reach a point where we find ourselves having pointless arguments – “he said, she said” – and no one listens and so on and so forth.

At that point, we have to sit down and reevaluate, otherwise it doesn’t get resolved.

What if we choose to understand things from a different perspective? When things don’t go the way we plan. So for example, if I have a meeting with someone, and I can’t make it because someone else drops in a last minute emergency, and I have to run to sort it out, so I have to cancel, also last minute, which might upset the one I was going to meet. What if at that point I sat down to look at it and Ask my heart and intuition, “What’s the energy at play here?” And listen. I might hear something useful. You might, for example, find this situation happens a lot, which means you are not clear about your boundaries. Or you don’t seem to place enough value on what the meeting was about to begin with, and you tell yourself you do because you should, ought to or must.

The point I am making is, it is good to reevaluate after a challenging situation to avoid repeating it, and many of us don’t because its uncomfortable or its too hard to look at, which only makes it worse. Once we look at the energy behind it honestly and openly through our heart space and from our intuition, it brings clarity and assistance.

Counting our blessings is not only about looking at everything that’s good in our life, though that definitely helps. I have spoken about that separately through looking at the good news in our lives. Counting our blessings is also about looking at how we can face life in a manner that supports us so we don’t find ourselves at the mercy of getting it wrong or bad luck or an external force. If we can learn how to bring balance to our path in that way, the blessings will definitely be much more visible.

It’s a different perspective.


Soothing Soul


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