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Building Community

These are some of my thoughts on what makes a community.

Finding common ground, having common consideration, and looking at what would allow everybody to thrive, are some of the building blocks of a community. And then making it happen.

We capitalize on our individual and combined strengths and not only focus on what we can do collectively but also keep the uniqueness of who we are and celebrate it. In rough times we look at whether we can manifest solutions that will ease the burden and at the same time seek new learning from the challenge so that we can manifest a stronger foundation for the future. And all in all we grow and develop together.

It is not about control but about trust and acceptance that we can be stronger and better when we pool our collective strength and imagination of what is possible in one big pool from which many tributaries emerge that sustain.

This is one aspect of community. However, what is the central philosophy that binds it? That is something to ponder.


Soothing Soul


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