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What is your philosophy?

The earlier message was about communicating what you need and wish to share so others are aware and we can be a community. Taking it one step further, what is your philosophy?

Having a philosophy is essential. If we don’t have one, we find ourselves pulled in different directions by the philosophies of those around us. And that can be painful, especially when our foundation keeps getting shaken.

There is so much information being shared each day on the Internet, social media, the news we are receiving, as well as our immediate environment. Sometimes it gets unclear where we ought to stand or how to stand.

Having a philosophy gives us flexibility and boundaries that help navigate our connection with one another. A philosophy is based on certain truths we live our life upon. For example, my philosophy is to be open hearted, smile, make others laugh, and work silently so I can get the job done without fuss. In time I might change that to something a bit different. In the meantime, this helps me daily to be open to what is possible. I often forget to follow my own philosophy and there are days when I am a bit of a grumpy grouch, complaining and disappointed at times about things. And I even get upset at people. Does that mean my philosophy does not help? It helps me pick myself up during such times and focus on others as well as having a good time. That’s the energy.

So consider what is your philosophy? Is it flexible? Does it support you and others equally? Does it make you stronger? Or does it undermine you?


Soothing Soul


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