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Speaking Freely

When you have a problem, do you talk about it? Or do you keep it to yourself? Do you hope that other people will guess what the problem is and help you with it without you needing to say something? There are times when I have found that it's easier to speak your truth than to withhold and hope that someone will see it for what it is without you needing to say it. If you don't speak and share what you're feeling and experiencing, people don't know what you're going through. And often when they find out, it's too late to make a change that would help you because they already made certain assumptions along the way based on your silence. So perhaps one of the things we can look at this month is, how can we speak and share who we are, the joy of who we are, and the challenges we are facing so that other people can truly know who we are. And we can be part of a whole.


Soothing Soul


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