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Finding Balance

This month I am exploring how to find balance. We hear or read a lot of different viewpoints being shared around us and are experiencing a lot of different events globally, which can lead to a feeling of uncertainty within us. Feeling balanced is significant.

Balance is something that keeps evolving for all of us. Because when we change or something changes in our environment, we recognize it, understand, adjust, adapt, grow, evolve. And then we find a new level of balance. When we are in balance we feel supported within us and can be a source of balance and support for others.

I have come up with 4 simple questions, which I feel if answered can help us understand where our balance comes from at present. If we can accept and understand ourselves we can support ourselves.

Here they are:

Where and how do you align within?

Where and how do you explore?

Where and how do you connect with others?

Where and how do you find a sense of purpose?

To share my own example:

I feel aligned after I sit down to breathe and connect to my natural rhythm, meditate on my Soul connection, and/or go for a walk in nature. All 3 ways help me feel aligned and balanced.

I explore when I do something new and different that I am enthusiastic about, or find a way to do the same thing differently. Such as go for a cooking class.

I connect when I enjoy spending time with my wife. And when we have a good argument ! Or laugh about something together. Or meet friends after a while and catch up.

I find my sense of purpose in being a mentor, sharing and understanding how energy works, and exploring what makes each person unique and how we all fit together. Talking about it. It's fun!

If you are struggling with something and would like to gain more insight or clarity, please contact me to book a Conversation Session at Or, make a booking request here.


Soothing Soul


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