Yunnan, China 

Coffee & Honey

At Shangrila Farms our mission is to produce natural and healthy products which are an integral part of daily consumption.  At present our major focus is on Coffee & Honey.

Over the last few years there has been a lot of negative press on the environment in China, including the impact of industrial pollution on arable land as well as unhealthy farming practices.  One of our goals at Shangrila Farms is to demonstrate it is possible to bring the best farming practices to pristine arable land in China successfully.  Our products reflect this commitment in their quality, and the farmers we work with are supported and compensated equitably.   

Our coffee and honey is primarily produced in the Yunnan province of China, bordering the Himalayan ranges.  Most of our products have some form of green certification indicating the natural farming and processing methods we use. 

We give back to the local community through supporting and hosting various projects.  At present we are working to bring drip irrigation systems to the farmers.

We take great care in selecting the most delicious and pure natural products for our customers.  We are socially responsible towards our farmers.  We advocate organic farming in every way possible and choose products with minimal impact on local ecosystems. 

Shangrila Farms products are now available in Hong Kong. For purchase and delivery please call Haresh on 9645 6630, or write to for corporate or retail store distribution queriesWe also do custom gift packaging for special events. 

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