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Business As Usual

We offer Energy Healing and Balancing, and Mentoring for personal growth. We are currently redesigning our website. Meanwhile, events and sessions continue as usual. Feel free to contact us at if you have any questions. 

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What I Offer

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Join my Conversation Group

This month we will be talking about Standing in You & Self Care

Thursday, 18 July 2024

4pm (Hong Kong/Singapore) & 8pm (New Zealand)

Free of Charge

This month I'm talking about Standing in You.

Where do you stand in you?

With so many changes occurring around us locally and globally, it can feel overwhelming to feel anchored or grounded.


At such times self care is needed. Its about going back to the basics and simplicity.


I find taking time for my self to do something I love or enjoy on an ongoing basis helps me to feel balanced in all areas of my life. For example, going for a half hour walk each day, either in nature or on a route I have not explored, keeps me motivated and keeps things fresh. And I bring that energy into the other areas of my life and share it with others.


So what does self care feel like to you? A bubble bath, curling up with a book to read, going on a run, playing a game, cooking, or chatting with loved ones? What makes you feel rested and reinvigorated? Find it and do it. July is a good month to do that.


When you care for your self you have the energy and confidence to be aligned and balanced and feel whole. That makes you feel anchored and grounded, and then your energy is clear on where you stand in you. Which then radiates to those around you and you can support and assist where needed.


If you find being caring towards you to not be easy and would like to explore how to change that pattern or habit to one that supports you, we can explore it together if you like. Please book a 1:1 Insights Conversation.

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