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What are our Pieces of Foundation?

When we look around us, there are a lot people in the media, and through social platforms, telling us what is right, what is wrong, what is prejudicial, etc. Our understanding of our beliefs and values, now more than ever, is being questioned and even in some cases, being done away with by someone else’s opinion.

In such an environment, how do we know what we stand on? What is our foundation?

In my previous article around Being Authentic, I suggested connecting to our heart chakra each day to connect to our authentic selves.

Whilst learning to practice that and until we center ourselves in our hearts as a way of being, we might still find ourselves overwhelmed by the deluge of information. How do you tell what is real, what is fictional, what is an appearance, and what actually is significant?

It's not easy. Yet it is possible. I read the news each day. I look at what’s going on around me. I find people I connect with and resonate with, and I choose their company. I keep an open mind and most importantly, I focus on being as open hearted as I can. I also accept I will make mistakes. I might agree with something today, and tomorrow realize I wasn’t aware of all the pieces in my understanding and awareness, and so now I decide to make a change. It happens. A lot more than we recognize.

When I started asking myself the purpose of my existence in my teen years, I did a lot of research. I read many books on spiritual teachings and read about the lives of different spiritual masters. Over the years I have learnt from and been inspired by some very good people. I have practiced different tools to expand my awareness. All of this I have experienced on my path towards knowing my self better. I continue to learn and my understanding grows and evolves.

The key is, I have followed my heart and allowed it to guide me. And at times I have tripped, fallen and gone off track. And yet I keep at it. I don’t mind falling. Because who I am and my path gets me out of bed every morning. Don’t get me wrong, I do moan and grumble, my wife will tell you! Then I move on, because there is too much fun waiting to be had and too much of life waiting to be lived.

Look at what’s available, what your heart gravitates towards and you feel guided to, and use the different pieces that resonate with your understanding to create your foundation, your value, your personal philosophy. You do not need to make someone else’s foundation your own. Be your own person and like who you are.

As we grow and evolve through our journey of self unfoldment, some pieces we will keep and some we will replace. That’s the fun of being alive and celebrating our differences with others to enrich the community we live in.

Haresh Manglani is a Mentor and Energy Healer. He works together with his clients to build their self-acceptance and confidence in the areas of Self, Value, Relationships and Purpose. Visit to learn more.


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