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New Beginnings

Happy New Year my dear friends! We are well into the beginning of a year full of opportunities for growth and expansion. Yet, inspite of being physically present in this new year and new energy, we feel tempted to relive the past.

What is it about the past, that keeps us attached to its memories and nostalgia? The past is dead and gone, never to return - yet we keep it alive by clinging to it in our daily lives and expressing it time and again in different environments. The environment changes, while we hold onto to old habits and patterns of behaviour, regrets of things done and not done, words said and unsaid. Some of us prefer to feel like victims of our circumstances, blaming a fate we cannot control or a tyrant in our lives we have chosen to empower. In doing any of the above we hold ourselves back from fully enjoying and reaping the benefits of the new energy we have entered into.

Perhaps 2015 then, can be about being fully present in the new energy it has to offer, and using it to guide and empower ourselves, so we may achieve that which assists our soul journey and gives us joy and happiness, contentment and fulfilment. Perhaps we can invite love and abundance into our lives instead of waiting for these to come to us by luck of the draw. Perhaps we can take better care of ourselves, so we may enjoy that which life has to offer in good health.

To change all these "perhaps" to definite outcomes, it helps to set Intents for that which we want to accomplish, and create a plan to go about it. I am hosting a workshop on Saturday January 31st, from 10:00am to 12:30pm, that provides an understanding of what Intents are, and the tools we can utilize to manifest our Intents. Please see below for more details.

I wish you all well for an exciting and adventurous 2015! Keep up the humour, merry making, fun and frolic.

Haresh Manglani is a Mentor and Energy Healer. He works together with his clients to build their self-acceptance and confidence in the areas of Self, Value, Relationships and Purpose. Visit to learn more.


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