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Judgement or Non Judgement

A lot of people think judgement is easy to overcome. However it is firmly entrenched in our belief system that God judges. I don’t believe that. I believe God placed us on this plane of consciousness for a Divine purpose. And we are a spiritual collective of beings having a material experience to discover our selves.

However, many would argue, “Where is the light? Look at how much darkness is surrounding us.”

And I would say when you look at the sky at midnight, does it look bright? Darkness is not harmful. It is an experience. The light shines brightly in the dark too. We just enjoy it differently. The point is we need to stop being judgmental and look at where we can find common ground and how we can work together.

Being different allows us to share different cultural and religious views. Which when seen as a whole bring up a bigger picture of who we are and why we are here as a community. It does not require high scientific knowledge to understand we all share a connection and need to work together to thrive. But if we keep focusing on what is different, what is wrong with us and why that doesn’t work, we will struggle to survive.

Let us be a community starting with our personal philosophy. Is it inclusive or exclusive? Is it better or worse than the next person’s? Because if we focus on better or worse we go back to the difference, not what is common. If we focus on inclusive or exclusive and be more aware this is about the bigger picture we continue to be kind and generous and put our judgements aside for a higher purpose.


Soothing Soul


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