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This month I am looking at the energy of finding Balance.


Other words for Balance could be Harmony, Acceptance. Inner Alignment. All of them have a similar frequency of energy. 


I find sitting down for up to 20 minutes each day, with the intent to connect to and listen to my Soul, helps rejuvenate my energy and feel balanced. The silence brings a sense of renewal and peace, and if I hear a message and journal it, it guides me on my path in the present. 

The other way I find balance is to go a for a walk in nature. Communing with nature brings a sense of soothing and relief, and it’s a great way to allow what is going on within me to come to the surface and organize itself in a manner with no effort. So I am feeling clearer and better at the end of the walk. 


Whatever energy I am in, I am sharing that energy with others as I go about the place. Being in balance supports me and those around me. 


If you are struggling or finding it challenging to feel a sense of balance, please contact me for a 1:1 Insights Conversation, and we can look at what is going on together and see if we can make it better. 


Soothing Soul


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