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Archetype Qualities - Challenge or Gift?

Working with the Archetypes has shown me that we all have challenges and gifts, depending on where our focus is.

We tend to look at our challenges more closely because it is something to pick on, because we have a habit of looking at what is wrong with us. And that’s a choice. Yet what is a challenge when viewed in a different way proves to be a valuable gift.

A good example is stubbornness. We often see stubbornness as a challenge because we dig our heels in and refuse whatever we are being offered to see differently or receive. However, if you are stubborn it also means you are determined. Determination and perseverance help us to focus our energy and endure to fulfill our intent and purpose. These are gifts.

So if you find yourself struggling with what appears to be a challenge, ask yourself, where is that same quality a gift you can use to help you move forward.


Soothing Soul


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