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Testimonials - Healing

Self Appreciation and Sleep

Thank you Haresh not just for taking the time out of your schedule to give me a distance healing BodyTalk session but also meeting with me later to talk through what came up.  At the time I was feeling quite stressed for a variety of reasons and wasn't sleeping very well which as a sleep lover was a big deal!  Haresh helped me enormously by showing me where I was judging myself instead of celebrating how far I'd come and what I had achieved.  This one change in perspective had an amazing effect, allowed me to return to my usual sleep patterns and consequently feel more relaxed!  The incredible thing about BodyTalk is how quick and painless it is whilst being so transformative.  I highly recommend Haresh to anyone who'd like things to change in their life whether physically, emotionally or spiritually.  

~ Orla Breeze

Severe Headache & Abdominal discomfort (Distance Session) 

I was experiencing a very severe headache and discomfort in my stomach when Haresh did a BodyTalk session for me.  The pain, at first extremely acute, began to diminish immediately.  Haresh identified the pain in the ileocecal valve and alleviated it through a spontaneous healing method.  

Haresh's approach is wonderfully intuitive;  he is able to address issues on the physical, emotional and intellectual levels.  I also appreciated his ability to lucidly explain the complex issues that surfaced, which brought greater clarity to me.  I highly recommend him!  

 ~ Shivina 

Hot Flushes & Focus

A session with Haresh is a very gentle experience.  You feel that you are in good hands and that he genuinely cares and intends to help you overcome whatever kind of ailment or situation that you feel you need help with.  He listens calmly and closely to what you confide in him...

I am most grateful that my flushes are much further apart now and that I can get better sleep as a result.  I definitely feel that I am able to focus and be more clear minded - especially in my work.  Most surprisingly, this is the area where I have felt the most benefit.  It is Magic!

~ Elaine Jamieson

Muscle Pain and Belief System

My BodyTalk session with Haresh focussed on my right forearm which was at times extremely sore and affected movement in my right arm. I explained this to him and I was amazed at how deep he went in finding the root cause of the issue. He was able to trace the issue from my body, to my emotions and even to past lives where he said I had generated a certain negative attitude (or belief system) on relationships. During the next few days the soreness slowly subsided as I was made aware of the main issue and began to work on it as he advised.

 What's brilliant about BodyTalk is that the diagnosis is never limited to the body, and it gives you a little bit more knowledge about your deeper Self.  Haresh was excellent in doing this and providing me with the right 'medicine', which was not a pill but a change of attitude. I would definitely recommend Haresh for his depth of insight, his understanding and use of the BodyTalk system, and for his gracious humour!  

 ~ Vik H.

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