I am currently selling 2 different types of Salt. They can be used as for Cooking or as Bath salts

Australian Lake Salt comes from one of the pristine salt lakes of Australia. It is simply skimmed from the surface of the lake, filtered and kiln dried. The natural character and composition of the salt remains undisturbed ensuring it's distinctive flavour is retained. Like sea salt, Australian Lake Salt contains several trace elements such as calcium & magnesium. Unlike sea salt, it's unique flavour is subtle, mild and gentle to taste.

This product comes in a 550g pack for HK$37.00

A salt lake in near Mt Eba, South Australia - photo from Australian Geographic

Himalayan salt is a term for halite (commonly known as rock salt). It is primarily mined in the Khewra Salt Mine, the second-largest salt mine in the world, located in Punjab, Pakistan, around 300 km from the Himalayas. The salt sometimes occurs in a reddish or pink color, with some crystals having an off-white to transparent colour.

The chemical composition of Himalayan salt includes 95–96% sodium chloride, along with 2–3% polyhalite and trace amounts of other minerals including calcium, magnesium, potassium, copper and iron. The pink color is due to iron oxide.

It can be used for Cooking and as Bath Salts.

This product comes in a 350g pack for HK$48.00