When you choose to be you
everything falls into place

The Banyan Tree at Hong Kong Park
Hi! My name is Haresh Manglani. Welcome to my website.

On this site you will find some information about Soothing Soul, my BodyTalk and Mentoring Practice geared towards facilitating Well-being, Self awareness, and Spiritual growth. You will also find Insights I like to share from time to time.

To give you a bit of history about myself, I have lived in Hong Kong for around 15 years (as of 2018).  I come from a diverse cultural background, having thus far lived in Africa, India, UK, USA and Dubai before moving to Hong Kong. I started off working in the banking industry when I graduated from university in the USA, and am now an Investor, BodyTalk Practitioner & Mentor.    

My experiences have taught me to bring a multi-dimensional and fun approach to living, and provided me with a unique insight to understand and relate to people from all walks of life.

If you would like to connect with me and get a feel for who I am, please listen to a conversation I had with Gopal Divan, an upcoming Artist.

Please enjoy your experience visiting this site, and please tell all your friends about it!