Shangrila Farms Honey is 100% pure, made by bees and small scale farmers in pristine mountain conditions. We monitor beekeeping practices to ensure our honey is nutritious and pure, and free from pesticides and other contaminants.  We also use minimal processing methods that ensure our honey retains its healthy nutritive properties. Bees can fly up to 7 miles from their hive in search of pollen to bring back to their hives.  We keep track of a relatively large surrounding area. 

We have been bringing new skills and techniques to Yunnan beekeepers since 2008 to improve production.  We are promoting more organic beekeeping to improve and restore natural environmental conditions while assisting poor remote communities to earn income.

Since 2008, we have reached more than 400 families in the rural mountain communities surrounding Shangrila. 

Honey is known to be full of many nutritive and healing properties, with each honey being unique based on the flower source its makers, the bees feed upon. Different honeys can have different medicinal properties, and be particularly rich in antioxidants and micronutrients.

SF honeys are available for wholesale purchase by retailers, corporate canteens and F&B outlets. Please see below the types of products available.

For purchase and delivery please call Haresh on 9645 6630, or write to healthybeing@outlook.com for any queries.

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    Local farmers of the Hamagu bee project in Yunnan


Honeysuckle flower buds have been used for millennia in traditional medicines. The Chinese use it to clear toxins and treat fevers, while in European traditional remedies Honeysuckle tincture is used to treat coughs and asthma.
Description: Sweet, golden and tastes of the nectar from the Honeysuckle flower

Honey source: Honeysuckle flower

Harvest time: Autumn, September and October

Harvest location: South-eastern Yunnan

Price: $93  (500g)

Pomegranate Blossom
Pomegranate Blosson Honey is made by bees foraging pomegranate nectar in southeastern Yunnan. Pomegranates contain high levels of antioxidants, which many studies show help fight cancer. They are also thought to lower cholesterol and promote good circulation and healthy hearts.

Description: A lovely mahogany colour made from bees foraging pomegranate nectar

Honey source: Pomegranate

Harvest time: Summer, June and July

Harvest location: South-eastern Yunnan

Price: $86  (500g)

*It is not recommended for infants under 12 months to consume honey.