Shangrila Farms' fine Arabica coffee beans come from the pristine mountains of Southern Yunnan. They are grown by local coffee farmers in remote areas at 800 to 1200 meters above sea level. Our farmers use green growing practices and avoid the use of chemicals or pesticides. We only use the highest quality beans from the harvest.

Our coffee beans come from coffee trees grown in the shade of banana trees atop mountain ravines, thus flowering high quality beans with excellent nutritional value.

SF coffee products are available for wholesale purchase by retailers, corporate canteens and F&B outlets. Please see below the types of products available. The listed prices are recommended retail prices. We offer bulk packaging as well.   

For purchase and delivery please call Haresh on 9645 6630, or write to for any queries.

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Picking the ripe coffee cherries


Shangrila coffee has a crisp berry note with honey richness and makes a fine cup of coffee for any occasion.
Tasting notes: Medium bitterness, mild acidity

Enjoy: as your morning cup of coffee with a croissant and the morning newspaper

Roast: Medium

Bean: 100% Arabica

Region: Yunnan

Price: $66  (250g available in Ground or Bean form)

Yunnan Blue 
Yunnan Blue Supreme is made from a blend of high quality Arabica beans including rare wild coffee beans. We have created a perfectly balanced smooth flavour complete with rich aroma, full body and low acidity. This is a dark roast supreme quality coffee.

Tasting notes: Medium high bitterness, very low acidity, medium coffee body

Enjoy: as part of an Espresso, Cappuccino or Latte

Roast: Dark

Bean: 100% Arabica

Region: Yunnan

Price: $88  (250g available in Ground or Bean form)