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Coconut Oil has been receiving a lot of positive press lately worldwide as a cooking oil, due to its various health benefits in itself, and as compared to other oils.  Click here to learn more.  

CocoVital products are made from certified Organic Coconut oil which is produced in the Philippines, the second largest coconut producing country in the world.  It is of excellent quality.  I use the Cooking Oil in my home for all my daily cooking, whether Indian, Thai, Chinese or Italian.  

I am selling Coco Vital products for bulk purchase by food & beverage outlets, as well as for personal consumption. Please see below the two types of products available.  

For purchase and delivery please call or whatsapp Haresh on 9645 6630, or write to healthybeing@outlook.com for any queries.

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Coco Vital Cooking Oil
The key benefit of this All Purpose Cooking Oil is that it is extracted through a method whereby the fragrance is neutralized, thereby making it conducive to use in All Types of Cooking.  It is also an excellent substitute for butter in Baking.
Key Benefits:

- Easy for the body to metabolize
- High in Lauric acid, which has natural anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal properties
- Can heat to high temperatures (232 degrees Celsius)
- Suitable for cooking in all types of cuisines (without the strong fragrance of coconut)
- Suitable for Stir frying and Deep Frying
- Long shelf life

Prices: (Each bottle size is 1 litre)

- Between 1-5 bottles - $180 per bottle
- Between 6-11 bottles - $170 per bottle
- 12 bottles (1 case) - $160 per bottle ($1,920 per case)

Please call 96456630 to check for promotions. 

Coco Vital Virgin Coconut Oil

Virgin Coconut Oil by Coco Vital is different from the Cooking Oil in that it retains its natural fragrance.  Possible uses are as follows:

- Nutritional supplement
- Spread (like butter, jam, etc)
- Hair application
- Skin application
- Lip balm
- Massage Oil
- Oil Pulling

Price: $140 per bottle (Each bottle size is 450 ml)

Haresh @ Kowloon Bazaar 2014