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"I Am..." Mentoring Series
 This Mentoring Program offers individuals the opportunity to understand themselves at different levels in a way that will help them step forward into their full potential.

As written about in my 
Insight on Value, we derive the greatest success, joy and fulfillment from following our calling. But what if we don't know or understand what our calling is, or how to pursue it? We have different callings in our careers, our relationships, and in our sense of purpose. It's different for each person, and no two people are the same.

 This program provides a clear and systematic process to gain Insights into what makes us who we are in all the major aspects of our lives - self, work, relationships, purpose.

 Whether you are a corporate executive, an entrepreneur, a professional, a homemaker or a student - whatever  stage of life you might be at - this program provides an opportunity to see yourself in a much vaster light than you have before.

Mentoring is about learning to accept one's self in all circumstances without judgement, fear or doubt and empowering ourselves and our journey to be one of love, joy and fulfillment. 

Every challenge we face and every opportunity that comes our way reflects a hidden or unseen part of who we be. When such part comes to light, we might shy away because it's new or unknown. It might even be something we know but are afraid to face or claim - often because we are overwhelmed.

Mentoring with me increases self awareness of what we are facing at a much deeper level and facilitates our empowerment of ourself to rise to meet the challenge and seize the opportunity in front of us. It doesn’t matter what area this is in – it could be in our self-growth, our career, our relationships or our finances. In doing so we find peace and harmony with ourselves and step forward successfully in our light.

Understanding of each Aspect of one's Self is pursued over a 12-week period through several one-on-one sessions:

 1st Aspect: Who Am I?

2nd Aspect: My Value & Abundance

3rd Aspect: Relationships

4th Aspect: What's my Purpose

The study of each Aspect is a complete program in itself.  You can choose to pursue your understanding of the remaining Aspects after completing your study of "Who Am I", which in itself provides significant insight and is a prerequisite for all the others.  I can create a customized program for your benefit.

Sessions can be done in person or on Skype video call, offering those living outside Hong Kong an opportunity to do it as well.

Please call +852 96456630 or write to soothingforsoul
@gmail.com if you would like to learn more.

Program Cost

HK$7,000 for the first Series of the program - "Who Am I?" - which includes a minimum of 7 one-on-one sessions to be completed within a 12-week period.

Thereafter it is HK$1,000 per session with the number of sessions depending on the individual's needs. 

Payment will be accepted before the beginning of the program in cash or by wire transfer after signing a Client Committment Agreement.

I very much enjoyed working on the 'Who am I' mentoring course with Haresh. While it was fun and creative, it was deeply insightful. I discovered things about my emotional and mental body that I wasn't consciously aware of. Many of these things were blocking me from realising my full potential, but most importantly, I became aware of the gifts I have and how I can strengthen them within me and implement it positively in my relationship with the world. The course woke me up to a very deep part of my self that I believe will enable self empowerment and spiritual growth
~ Kanchan D.

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"Haresh works with integrity and accuracy to discover what is needed to enable healing to occur"  ~ Helen Barton